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Knit Arena invites applicants for the Internships 2020. We have had 32 interns working with us from the last two years and in 2019 we had 'Knit School' code camp where eight students stayed with us in a stay-in research program for a week.  


2020 research internship is all about mind and machines. The selected applicants will be working on building human-mind models for the machines with social context.

How to Apply?
Read the 10 articles from the Honest Data Science Talk (HDST) series and send an essay of 500 words or so summarizing your thoughts. (each talk is about 500 words).

Where can I find the HDST series?
Here is the index page of all ten talks: Honest Data Science Talks

What to submit?
A .doc or .pdf essay


Where to submit?
Email to with the subject line ‘Internship 2020 Application’


22 June 2020, EOD.


Who can apply?
This internship is open to anyone who would want to explore the mind and machines. Especially in the social context. (however, this is beneficial to students who are about to complete the second year in a degree program)


Will there be coding?
Yes. Python. But you need not know python. You will be trained.


Will there be a stipend?
No. Though we paid minimally only to Knit School students last year, this year, there will be none. There are no financial benefits associated with this internship. On successful completion, certificates will be provided.


What will be work about?
It’s a research-based internship. There will be online sessions, paper reading, discussion, learning new modules, math, semantics, etc.

How long is internship?
It will be between 6 to 8 weeks. There will be sufficient gaps provided if university exams are declared.


What is the expected work-hours?
We usually expect a minimal of 30 hours of effort per week. And the same will be logged and monitored.


Is it work from home?
Yes. It is work from home.


Any more questions?
Please email at

Note: Students from KLE Technological University can continue and extend the works (It is usually not the same work, but extension and application) as the 5th sem mini-project (considered as industry project) under Prakash Hegade. This has been the only project selection criteria from the last two years.

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