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Knit Space

Software Research and Services Private Limited

Our Story, which you must listen to!

Which is what we mostly prefer to be. Not the spooky kind but more towards a
revelation. We have diplomacy to set an arena where we knit together the pieces from
web. Be it an alien from Mars or the couch on which the grandma tells stories, we want
to cover it all. Our inclusion, surprisingly, is evenly balancing on a multi-sided mirror.
Hey, we don't want to be cryptic. All we want to do is ‘surprise you’

When someone asks us, "What do you do?"
While we answer that "thing", we want that to be "every".

That said, we are working on adding intelligence to web.


Lazy Ass or Lazy Bug?

If you think technology has made you lazy, well, we are contributing to that laziness. Good or bad, ass or bug, is lazy smart?

  • Smarter Recommendations
  • Smarter Personalization
  • Smarter You!

Research Differentiates

We aim to the see the world like the way world looks at us. We want to bring in the natural order. Beyond curve fitting and traditional intelligence techniques, we believe that there are more spaces which fits in the right math. And needless to say, Math is Sexy.


  • The One towards 'Formal' Research
  • The One with 'Nature' Principles
  • The One that Makes 'Sense'

Fitting In

It’s not easy to make a space to fit in.

‘Not Easy’ is what makes us more curious. ‘Easy’ is what we see and ‘Not’, not.

  • Solutions to Solutions
  • Solutions for Customers
  • Solutions for Business


We are attempting to bring answers to following questions:

  • How does the world connect?

  • How do we decide the best recommendations in our workflow?

  • Where is tomorrow’s research space?

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