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Hired/Fired Code Challenge

Knit Arena is conducting an afternoon code challenge at KLE Technological University, Hubballi campus for students of Data Structures and Algorithms course.

Teams of 2 will be working on a designed challenge meeting the given requirements. Top 5 teams will be shortlisted and one team will be judged as winning team.


The winning team will receive a cash prize of one thousand and winner certificates from Knit Arena. 


Event Date:  04 September 2018

Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

Venue: University Campus Labs

Register in a team for the challenge here:


Rules, Evaluation Criteria and other guidelines can be found here:



Will you be


or Fired?

Post Event Details:

We are pretty sure that the 24 teams that participated in the challenge enjoyed solving it, as much as we did while generalizing and framing the question. 

We have spent days discussing and brainstorming over different solutions, reading through documents, going through codes and being amazed over how wonderfully the brains and this generation works. We were thrilled to see some solutions. 

Though we had certain solution in mind, that is not exactly what we looked for. We also looked into various aspects and how well our data structure could fit inside other domains. You all 24 teams, had us all engaged. 

Thank you for all the energy you guys put in for this challenge. Now, all that said, here are the top 5 teams in no specific order. *Drum Rolls*

Top 5 Teams (in NO specific order)

1. Suyog and Prathamesh 

2. Suvrojyoti and Swastik

3. Srushti and Vibha

4. Sourabh and Usman

5. Shweta and Sneha

And the winning team to receive 1K cash prize and certificate is,

Sourabh and Usman (Congratulations and Whistles)


We could like to thank KLE Technological University for providing an opportunity to host this challenge.